ACA+I Office Beverley

Project Scope:

ACA+I’s new studio was designed and built to accommodate the increase in workflow and expansion of the company.

ACA+I regarded this project as an opportunity to produce an inspirational piece of micro-architecture that showcases the company’s key principles and core values.

The studio is aesthetically pleasing and constructed using a completely breathable stud wall fabrication. Materials are natural, recycled, or have environmentally-friendly properties. The outside is clad with recycled scaffolding boards and red-stained bamboo, allowing the building to weather and sit inconspicuously into its surroundings. The volumetric design reduces the massing and reduces the visual impact to onlookers.

The welcoming, indoor environment is person-centred, relaxed, homely, creative and professional, having a positive impact on the emotional and psychological well-being of the building-users. Ultimately, it provides an ergonomic and socially creative environment, with a space for design meetings at its core. The interior walls are fabricated using OSB board (chipboard), offering noticeboard space for future projects. A large living wall provides an emotive and healthy working environment. The subtle, yellow carpet with recycled properties creates a happy, productive and relaxing feel to the studio. The design is completed with ergonomic office chairs.

Project Specifications

Location: Beverley, East Yorkshire

Client: ACA+I

Year: 2017

Status: Complete

Project Type: New Build

Project Value: N/A


What Our Client Says

“A total design, considering internal and external factors, plays a vital role in helping people feel good and function well”

Alex Caruso – Managing Director, ACA+I