Longhill Primary School Hull

Project Scope:

ACA+I was appointed to extend the dining room and classrooms to meet the needs of pupils and teachers for an enjoyable dining and learning experience, whilst increasing the existing capacity. The challenges were to deliver the project with minimal disruption to the running of the school and to maximise efficient use of energy.

ACA+I designed contemporary plans for the internal remodelling of the existing kitchen and dining room; the erection of a single storey building; an under-croft extension and interior remodelling to relocate classrooms and ancillary accommodation. The extensions increased the gross internal area.

Energy efficiency was successfully maximised by holistically considering the building’s layout, orientation and responsibly sourcing materials regarding the BREEAM Green Guide. The position and size of windows were carefully designed to maximise the use of natural light to the new dining room and classrooms. Insulation with low embodied environmental impact was selected to reduce energy together with openable windows for natural ventilation.

A phased construction approach appeased the daily running of the school.

The contemporary new canopy highlights the school’s main entrance with a positive and welcoming contribution, inviting views of the extended dining facility.

Project Specifications

Location: Hull, East Yorkshire

Client: Longhill Primary School

Year: 2016

Status: Complete

Project Type: Extension and Internal alterations

Project Value: £600,000


What Our Client Says

“I remain impressed at how ACA+I led my team and I through a thorough, all-inclusive and investigative design process. Our requirements for an enjoyable dining and learning experience were perfectly interpreted and translated into innovative designs, accommodating value engineering throughout the whole process. Our children and staff are benefitting tremendously from the results.”

Mark Batty – Headteacher at Longhill Primary School