East Riding Community Hospital Beverley

Project Scope:

ACA+I was commissioned by Humber NHS Foundation Trust to carry out a Dementia-friendly assessment and refurbishment design proposal for the East Riding Community Hospital in Beverley, East Yorkshire.

Working closely with Humber NHS FT and in consultation with the staff, public and people affected with the early stages of Dementia, the new design thoughtfully promotes a meaningful, Dementia-friendly, healing environment.

The design uses the local context for inspiration. Carefully-positioned images of recognisable local landmarks and landscapes are used to aid with orientation and create a familiarity to the local surroundings. In the corridors, colours are used on key walls to further aid in way-finding.

The exterior spaces were designed to be connected directly to the internal communal spaces. A contemporary, sensory garden was designed with the purpose of stimulating the senses. The plants and materials used engage one’s senses of sight, smell, touch, taste, and sound.

Project Specifications

Location: Beverley, East Yorkshire

Client: Humber NHS Foundation Trust

Year: 2016

Status: In Development

Project Type: Interior and Landscape Refurbishment

Project Value: £1.8m


What Our Client Says

“ACA+I consistently strive to provide sensitive, innovative and patient oriented design solutions.”

Rob Atkinson – Projects and Strategic Development Manager, Humber NHS Foundation Trust