About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve people’s wellbeing through sustainable design.

Our History

Whilst studying Architecture, Alessandro Caruso, ACA’s co-founder, survived an almost fatal motorbike accident. Consequently, he spent 6 months confined to a hospital bed in a noisy and poorly-designed environment.

Whilst recovering and grateful for a second chance, Alessandro discovered empathic skills, developing a genuine interest in healing architecture. Frequent hospital visits provided opportunities to meet clinicians, allowing Alessandro to seek insights into their profession. This became a catalyst for his passion in design for wellbeing. As a result, ACA’s mission is to design buildings that improve lives, with an emphasis on sustainability.

ACA’s team is a family of like-minded, culturally diverse and talented people.

Our Team

Alessandro Caruso

Managing Director

Amelia Caruso

Client Services Director

Andrea Finch

Business Administration Assistant

Andy Steele

Non Executive Director

Paul Crawley

Senior Architectural Technologist

Austin Warnes

Health and Safety Advisor

Kornel Witkowski

Architectural Assistant Part II

Sonia kopacz

Interior Designer

hazar tubeileh

architectural assistant part II

Awards, Certifications and Accreditations