ACA has designed a phased expansion to the existing stone factory development on behalf of J Rotherham. The first industrial factory building completed is 2800sqm. The workspace environment created for staff and visitor is modern yet welcoming.

First of all, natural daylight is the most important design criteria. Therefore ACA incorporated appropriately-sized skylights, suitable for a workspace environment. The selection of interior light fittings combined with the rhythmic placement of skylights throughout the new industrial unit consequently created a functional and healthy environment, offering a visual identity to the factory.

Furthermore to the visual identity, throughout the factory units, the use of grey metal has been kept uniform to retain a visible connection between different factory units.

Some of the main influencing design factors considered in the design process were: the proximity of surrounding buildings; the height of development and the landscaping to connect and integrate the design into the existing environment. Moreover, the native plant species considered for landscaping complemented the surrounding landscape.

Most noteworthy, the factory development has been carefully designed to achieve sustainability. Careful selection of materials for the insulation of roof and wall cladding support the improved thermal performance of the building. The strategic approach executed in the whole factory development therefore helps achieve sustainability in terms of the environment as well as cost efficiency.

Above all, a simple design layout and efficient circulation created a stimulating environment with an aesthetic appeal. ACA continuously aspires to achieve a workspace environment that significantly contributes to everybody’s well-being.

J Rotherham – Factory Development

ACA has designed a phased expansion to the existing stone factory development on behalf of J Rotherham.

Client: J Rotherham LTD
Location: Holme-on-Spalding-Moor
Year: 2018
Status: In Development
Project Type: New Build
Project Value: £1m

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