ACA developed a residential care interior design refurbishment on behalf of Westwood Care Group.  In fact, Fossdale and Langdale Houses will host individuals with complex and multiple needs as well as learning and physical disabilities. Thus, both homes will offer long term residencies, short term respite and day care services for adults aged 18 plus.

The Brief

Westwood Care wanted to achieve safe, high quality homes with a domestic look.

The Action

For a start, ACA’s design team created soothing bedroom interiors to positively influence the residents’ well-being. Consequently, all bedrooms have matching feature wall and door colours to subtly assist with orientation. Moreover, this caters for individuality, as a bedroom theme for each individual can be created or adapted.

Furthermore, the choice of plain bedroom curtains and fabrics create a calm and ordered space, avoiding possible triggers of anxiety or discomfort.

Above all, the finishes’ selection supports the complex needs of the individuals in residential care interior design.  Therefore, the colour selection of different elements considers Light Reflectance Values for visual impairments. Hence, by avoiding strong colour contrasts between floor finishes, there is a gradual transition between different areas and no illusion of a barrier.

Different colour schemes identify each house, aiding orientation and way-finding.

Wider doors support wheelchair users’ accessibility and independent living.  Furthermore, vision panels provide cues for the activity room to be accessed. In addition there is a new lift providing access to all floors.

Voile fabric curtains with subtle floral designs hang in the lounges to make the most of natural light and integrate the surrounding countryside.

The new kitchen layout enables freedom of mobility for residents to all areas.

There is an assisted bathroom on the first floor with a domestic appeal and high-quality fit-outs, ideal for a residential care interior design. The colour scheme for the bathroom doors throughout is identical to make toilet / bathing facilities easily recognisable.

To sum up, the refurbishment was achieved within budget despite the challenges faced during construction.

“ACA are extremely responsive and have established a positive and supportive relationship with us. The team are attentive to our needs. ACA’s collaborative approach, including listening to us and taking on board our ideas mean we are confident in engaging in honest and open discussion. We are extremely satisfied with the service we have received and will continue to use this company for our future projects.”

Mary-Jayne Hoyle Registered Manager, Westwood Care Group

Residential Care Interior Design, Fossdale & Langdale House, Market Weighton

ACA developed a residential care interior design refurbishment on behalf of Westwood Care Group.

Client: Westwood Care Group Ltd
Location: Market Weighton, York
Year: 2018
Status: Complete
Project Type: Refurbishment
Project Value: £350,000

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