ACA has designed a loft conversion and internal remodelling of a detached house in the charming Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire.

The clients’ desire was to improve the existing spaces. They were using their home more during the pandemic and felt the need for an improvement in quality and quantity.

Loft Conversion

The loft, currently used to store baggage and accessible through a hatch, will be fully remodelled.

We designed a new wooden staircase to easily access the loft. Furthermore, we added a dormer that fits a terrace and enhances the existing roof height.

ACA remodelled the space to fit in a home office, a bathroom with shower and storage area.

We will move the cylinder, now in the bathroom on the first floor, in the storage space under the roof, accessible through the bathroom.

First Floor Remodelling

The client wanted to add value to their home by adding en-suites to the four bedrooms on the first floor.  Therefore, ACA remodelled the bedrooms optimised the layouts to cater for en-suites.

Furthermore, we remodelled one of the existing bathrooms adding a corner bathtub. In doing so, we opened access to the adjacent bedroom to allow space for a fitted wardrobe.

ACA redesigned the master bedroom and bathroom, creating a “wellness hub”. The access door and the new bathroom door will fit seamlessly in the built-in wardrobe.

Ground Floor Remodelling

The client desired a room to relax, watch TV and enjoy the fireplace. So, ACA renovated the study room on the ground floor, designing a built-in library around the fireplace and optimizing the layout.

Interior Design

ACA’s interior designer selected natural materials to provide a calming atmosphere. Wooden floors and furniture create a welcoming environment. Soft furnishings and rugs in light colours lighten up the rooms.

We approached Alex and Amelia to help us with ideas for improving our living space at home. They came for an initial meeting and chat about the project and said they would come back with ideas soon, which they did.
Wow, they really hit the brief and more, and inspired us both, needless to say we are moving forward with it all now.
Communication has been fantastic, and both Alex and Amelia are a pleasure to work with.
We really look forward to the end result.

Jan Chidley

Residential Remodelling and Interior Design, Beverley

We have designed a loft conversion and internal remodelling of a detached house in Beverley for a client wanting to improve their home with a focus on well-being. The result is a house that perfectly fits the family’s need, with added value and an overall improved layout.

Client: Private
Services: Architecture, Interior Design
Status: In Development
Year : 2020
Project Type: Refurbishment, Loft Conversion
Project Value: £150,000

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