ACA proposed a university quarter urban design scheme for Kexgill, an award-winning student accommodation providers.

Previously, ACA designed the area adjacent to The University of Hull, (The Terrace) and the extension of the urban design scheme (Urban Design for Student Accommodation).   Now ACA seeks to improve the safety and sense of “community” in the University Quarter.

University Quarter Urban Design – The Brief

Kexgill’s brief was to increase pedestrian safety and to foster a sense of community for the the students.


Indeed, to solve the safety issue we applied traffic calming strategies, such as lane narrowing and pavement treatments.

Firstly, we raised the pavement of Salmon Grove road  to create a slow- speed zone.

Secondly, we narrowed lanes to enlarge landscaped areas, allowing more space for existing trees.  Furthermore we designed parking spaces between the trees, reducing the perception of parked cars.

Thirdly, ACA proposed new crossing points with LED lights installed in the road to increase pedestrian security.  Also, purple lighting, which is the Kexgill company branding colour illuminates the trees from below

Gateway treatment

ACA’s design makes it obvious to drivers that they are entering a slow-speed area. This treatment will include signage, entry portals, speed tables, raised crossing, and curb extensions.

Community- Talking buildings

ACA aims to provide a new character to the otherwise plain house walls.  In doing so we will involve the young residents of The University Quarter.  In essence, we want to “let the building talk”.

So, Hull University students will select quotes from poems, songs and novels with links to Hull. For instance, the work of people who left their mark on the city, like the poet and novelist Philip Larkin, or musicians like The Housemartins, or Mick Ronson from The  Spiders from Mars.

We could say: from the glorious past of Hull to a, literally, brighter future!

The bespoke LED light features with the chosen quotes will improve the sense of belonging to the university. Not only, these installations in combination with planned lighting throughout the design will also improve student safety and orientation. Furthermore, street art pieces by local artists will bring life to the otherwise plain terraced houses’ façades.

It is imagination, flair and understanding the whole picture which has been required. This element has exceeded our expectations.

Richard Stott Group Managing Director, Kexgill

University Quarter Urban Design, Hull

ACA has designed an urban design scheme for Kexgill, the award-winning student accommodation suppliers. The proposed urban design scheme will increase the safety and the sense of community for the young residents of The University Quarter in Hull.

Client: Kexgill
Location: Hull
Year: 2020
Status: Preliminary
Project Type: Urban Design, Landscape Design

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