ACA has designed an urban design scheme for Kexgill, award-winning student accommodation suppliers.

After our previous designs for the area adjacent to The University of Hull, (The Terrace) ACA has been further involved in the extension of the urban design scheme. The spaces created are designed to encourage communal activity and shared space. The design includes bespoke LED light features created by our team, to give character to otherwise plain house walls and to portray the identity of Kexgill, sharing light and positivity. Such features in combination with planned lighting throughout the design will improve student safety, orientation and community.

We strongly believe that access to the natural environment is paramount to good health, therefore we endeavored to incorporate the use of green areas and vegetation. Carefully managing the space available efficiently we have created essential off-street parking to decrease the pressure on the already brimming on-street parking.

``It is imagination, flair and understanding the whole picture which has been required. This element has exceeded our expectations.``

Richard Scott Kexgill

Urban Design For Student Accommodation, Hull

ACA has designed an urban design scheme for Kexgill, award-winning student accommodation suppliers.

Client: Kexgill
Location: Hull University
Year: 2017
Status: Preliminary
Project Type: Urban Design

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