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Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust has appointed ACA for an NHS office design.  In fact, the brief is to remodel and design the existing office space to improve functionality.

 Primarily, the aim is to transform an open plan office into public and private collaborative areas.

Colours and themed artwork take inspiration from NHS branding combined with nature to aid wayfinding throughout the building.

We have introduced Biophilic design principles such as timber panels and a living wall to bring nature in.

NHS Office Design, Hull

Client: Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust
Date: 2022
Services: Architecture, Interior Design
Status: Complete
Project Type: Remodelling
Project Value: £500K
Testimonial - Robert Atkinson, Deputy Director of Estates and Facilities: ACA have designed a high-quality, modern office interior, which provides flexible accommodation for the Trust to implement changes in working practices. The compact and efficient footprint is complimented by the creative use of space.

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