Floor finishes plan

Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust has appointed ACA to for an NHS office design.  In fact, the brief is to remodel and design the existing office space improving functionality.

 Primarily, the aim is to transform an open plan office into public and private collaborative areas.

The layout will include:

  • A welcoming reception.
  • A collaborative space with furniture layout for socialising activities.
  • An office area with hot desks to accommodate 16 people.
  • A private collaborative room to accommodate 16 people.
  • 2 private offices to accommodate 4 people.
  • 2 private interview rooms to accommodate 4 people.
  • A couple of public meeting rooms to accommodate 16 people.
  • A staff kitchen.

Colours and themed artwork take inspiration from NHS branding combined with nature to aid wayfinding throughout the building.

We have introduced Biophilic design principles such as timber panels and a living wall to bring nature in.

NHS Office Design

Client: Humber NHS Foundation Trust
Date: 2022
Services: Architecture, Interior Design
Status: In development
Project Type: Remodelling
Project Value:

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