Sustainable Architecture

We’re proud to have worked on projects that have completed a range of architecture schemes,
meeting BREEAM ratings of “Very Good” or “Excellent”.

Bedale HC
Landscape test 1
Real Skies 3

People are at the heart of all our buildings. In addition, the function of your space influences the form of our designs. Accordingly, each design is a bespoke solution to our clients’ needs.

Our approach considers sustainable architecture solutions from the early stage of the design process and throughout, with a cradle to cradle approach; that seeks to minimise the negative environmental impact of buildings by efficiency and moderation in the use of materials, energy, development space and the ecosystem at large. 

We determine a strategy, assessing the most suitable options, to develop your site based on its form and orientation, appropriate materials and suitable technologies for the building use.

This strategy works to produce sustainable architecture that strives to build or renovate your buildings using a combination of energy-efficient technology, renewable materials, and innovative design. This approach reduces waste and uses sustainable products, which minimises the environmental impact of new developments.

We have an established network of consultants at our disposal to aid in the development of building design, considering daylight and thermal software calculations from the initial feasibility stage.

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