Who We Are

ACA is your passionate and innovative design hub, with over 50 years of combined experience. Specialists in the Health and Social Care sector, adding value to the Commercial, Education and Residential sectors.


About Us

Our mission is to improve people’s lives through design, creating happier and healthier experiences for everybody.

Alessandro Caruso, ACA’s co-founder, suffered an almost fatal motorbike crash in 1994. Consequently, he spent 6 months confined to a hospital bed, in an unfit for purpose, noisy and clinical environment.

Thereafter, upon recovery and grateful for the second chance, Alessandro was inspired. As a result, he promised himself to design better building environments for any user group.

Accordingly, ACA’s mission is to create healthier and happier buildings for everybody. Learning about our Clients’ priorities and research is crucial to our design approach, based on continuous learning and innovation.

Together with his wife Amelia, Alessandro carefully selects, like-minded, culturally diverse and talented people to form ACA’s team.

Key ACA Team Members

We pride ourselves on creating an office culture that is dynamic and creative, where innovation and individual initiative is embraced and encouraged at every level.

We always listen to our valued clients and ask for regular feedback to ensure we exceed expectations and continuously improve our service.

We are a family business and operate as ONE team. Our team integrates seamlessly with others to achieve a common purpose.

We invest in training and technology, learn from best practice and continuously search for innovation in each project.

We operate with respect, integrity, honesty, reliability, conscientiousness and passion at our core.

We care and will always strive to create the best design solutions, considering all aspects and meticulous attention to detail.

Our Offices

ACA’s headquarters is based in Beverley, East Yorkshire, and an office in Doncaster.

Beverley HQ

5 Brookholme, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire
01482 869977

Doncaster Office

Apex Office Space, 1 Watervole Way, Balby
01302 378901