ACA Continues to Attract Young Talent into the Design Team!

Italian Architecture Student, Martin Taglianetti, has arrived at ACA headquarters this week to meet the Design Team!

Martin is a student in his final year.  He studies Architecture at the University of Florence and is due to graduate in September 2018.  Then he will officially become part of the ACA team in October 2018.

Martin was born in Pistoia, in Tuscany, Italy, in 1993 and currently lives in Prato. He has studied architecture at universities both in Florence and Madrid.  He is passionate about architectural design, particularly environmental sustainability, the enhancement and restoration of historic and cultural heritage and urban planning.  Martin is currently working on his thesis about the knowledge and the valorisation of the entire medieval walls of Prato.

In his spare time Martin loves travelling, practicing martial arts acting in the theatre.

Martin will spend until the end of May at ACA in Beverley and is already beginning to learn the ropes and define his role.


Student    Student

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