CDM Principal Designers

ACA‘s Architects and CDM principal designers make key project advisors that offer guidance and expertise during the early stages of your project.


We assess the design of your project with a robust approach to your design’s risk management, focusing on the social aspects of each project, such as:

  • Users’ needs.
  • Usability and maintenance access requirements once the building is operational.
  • Human scale and interaction with the built environment.

Furthermore, we carry out the role of principal designer under The Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015. We also provide CDM advisory services for principal designers and other designers that may already be working on your project. 

As a result, ACA has the ability to enable all designers involved in your project to fulfil their obligations under the required regulations. We also ensure your project is covering all of the essential responsibilities needed for a CDM safe project and construction risk management.

If you’re looking for a reliable CDM Principal Designer for your project, get in touch for a free consultation today!