ACA Unveils New Student Accommodation near Hull University for Kexgill.

New Student Accommodation near Hull University

Our scheme is designed to enhance safety via natural surveillance and lighting, whilst maintaining the exciting, vibrant identity of Kexgill. The driving influence of the design was to create a positive, safe environment with measurable visual improvements through efficient use of space and light. Based on research and lessons learnt, ACA’s team focused on the following elements of a student environment:

• Shared spaces in external areas to encourage outdoor use and a community spirit.

• Increased use of planting, natural materials, and sophisticated lighting as a subtle way to improve comfort and safety.

• Additional off-road parking spaces in relation to each house, through reflection of the overcrowded street parking.

• A purple colour scheme to preserve the visual identity of Kexgill, aiding the visual identity of community.

In the words of Richard Scott, Managing Director at Kexgill,

“I have found that Alex Caruso and the practice ACA understand the complex requirements of the student accommodation industry. This has been particularly evident in their creation of tenant-friendly designs putting the student experience first. Validation of this ethos was received during the early part of 2017 with their designs gaining national recognition in the prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors awards category “Hull University Quarter” best residential scheme in Yorkshire, finalist.”

“It is imagination, flair and understanding the whole picture which has been required. This element has exceeded our expectations.”


Student Accomodation

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