ACA announce collaboration with an Architectural firm based in Malaysia

ACA announce collaboration with an Architectural firm based in Malaysia

This is a major collaboration, based on a history of working together in past practices. ACA are working with JasSaleh Architect, a design-led practice that promotes environmental and sustainable design.

The collaboration brings about a combination of a rich and varied multi-cultural history. This will be emphasised in their projects in which there will be creative and innovative solutions to look forward to.

Collectively, the duo strives to make profits with the knowledge that their projects will be embedded with high sustainability standards. ACA and JasSaleh Architect have experience in Healthcare, Commercial and Residential development. Although this is the case, each firm has remained investigative at heart. Learning about their client’s priorities and research is crucial to their design approach.

Building networks with organisations and industry leaders is definitely part of the ACA growth structure. The practice believes this gives them much needed perspectives and enables a better understanding.

Small business caring is in the ACA DNA, their approach automatically showcases commitment and quality every step of the way. The company mantra is that architecture can make the world a better place. British experience with the Italian Design coupled with the Malaysian influence is instrumental in the frontier of sustainable design.

ACA said, “Every process starts with listening to clients and all the residents who use the places (we design) to heal in, work in or live in. All their thoughts sharpen ours.”

For more information on JasSaleh Architects please visit the website:

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