ACA’s Team Building Adventure

Team Building – Unlocking ACA’s Team Success

The team at ACA recently ventured to Escape Rooms Beverley, for a team building session, where we accepted the challenge of escaping from the Autopsy Room!

ACA's team building event

As the door locked behind us and with the clock already ticking down, we found ourselves immersed in a dark and eerie environment that felt straight out of a crime thriller! With no lighting, and our colleague, Kornel, blindfolded and shackled to the autopsy table, our first mission was to turn on the lights.

ACA's team building event

Using the torches we had been provided with, we searched the room for clues to solve the puzzles that would allow us to access the light switch. The race was then on to release Kornel, as we knew his problem solving skills would be crucial in helping with our escape. With this task a priority, the team quickly sprang into action again, solving number based puzzles and enabling us to unlock his chains.

ACA's team building event

Under pressure to beat the clock, effective communication became our lifeline and we quickly realised that listening to each other’s ideas was crucial for making progress. With this in mind we pooled our collective brainpower to navigate through the challenges. We Deciphered cryptic messages to unlock hidden compartments and uncover clues scattered around the room. Each team member brought their own skill set to the table, contributing to our overall success and bringing us one step closer to our ultimate goal: escape!

Celebrating Success

In the end, ACA’s team work and determination paid off and we cracked the final code with 10 minutes to spare. As we emerged victorious, laughter and cheers filled the air emphasizing our shared sense of achievement. We celebrated our team building success not just as individuals but as a cohesive team that triumphed through collaboration and perseverance.

ACA's team building event

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