Architectural Assistant, in Sicily, joins the ACA team

Architectural Assistant, in Sicily, joins the ACA team

ACA are pleased to announce the joining of new team member, Federico Terrana.

Federico, based in Sicily, is working with ACA (based in Beverley) from their ‘Virtual Office’.Federico has already completed a successful 3 months’ work experience as an Architectural Assistant and BIM coordinator with ACA, in Beverley, over the Summer of 2014.

Since returning to Sicily, Federico is continuing to work with ACA in supporting the delivery of architectural projects, architectural design and architectural developments. ACA sponsored Federico to attend a Building Information Modelling Software (REVIT) course, he is therefore involved in the implementation of Building Information Modelling procedures within ACA.

ACA have regular update meetings with Federico via video conferencing and use a cloud based server to share documents. Within the meetings they discuss current architectural projects, architectural design, sustainable design solutions, conceptual development and much more.

Federico will be returning to Beverley in 2015 to meet and work alongside other members of the team due to a rise in workload.

Welcome to ACA Federico.

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