Architectural Designs For Hull Royal Infirmary’s Latest COVID Wards Complete

Hull Royal Infirmary’s Latest Architectural Designs For COVID Wards Are Complete!

Alessandro Caruso Architects’ (ACA) latest designs for the two new COVID wards have now been built and are now fully operational at Hull Royal Infirmary (HRI).

Read more about the project below!

ACA’s Relationship with Hull Royal Infirmary

Alessandro Caruso Architects has an excellent, long-term relationship with Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust which runs Hull Royal Infirmary.

In fact, ACA has designed various healthcare architecture feasibility studies for HRI and currently has various projects on site.

The Need for Two New COVID Wards

Recently, at the beginning of lockdown, the Trust commissioned ACA to design Hull Royal’s latest COVID wards. Therefore ACA’s design team immediately started to work on the two new architectural designs; whilst under pressure to rapidly respond to the pandemic and a potential threat of a second wave. As a result, our architects quickly finished the designs ready for the new COVID wards to be built.

Now fully operational, the new wards are separate from HRI, located at the back of the tower block. Namely, wards 37 and 38 are in the new, modular, two-storey building connected to the existing Ward 36. Furthermore, this connection allows the seamless delivery of care from the staff in the new and existing wards.

New Covid Wards at Hull Royal Infirmary

Crucially, the architectural design of wards 37 and 38 provides more circulation space for staff and patients. This means that staff can easily manoeuvre around each of the wards and work around the flow of patients entering and exiting the ward. Moreover, there is an improved mechanical ventilation system and also glass doors. This helps to protect those within the building from infection, by improving the wards ventilation and preventing further spread of the virus.

With a capacity for up to 70 patients with the virus, the wards can now offer even more support to those that need it and are on standby should there be another surge in cases.

ACA – Specialists in Healthcare Architecture

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