Gap Year Student

Gap Year Student Q&A With Alice Edgar

Gap Year Student

Alice Edgar has joined us as a Part 1 Architectural Assistant!  Alice is currently taking a break from her third year studying BA Architecture at the University of Sheffield.

So, how’s it going Alice?

ACA: Why did you want to work at ACA?

Alice: I really enjoyed working on wellbeing related projects at university and wanted to put this into practice in real life. As ACA focuses on wellbeing in all projects, I thought it would be a great match.

ACA: Tell us about some of the wellbeing projects you have done at university.

Alice: I designed a multigenerational co-housing project which tackled loneliness.  Also, I designed a community theatre project focusing on the power of the arts to bring people together and the importance of socialising.

ACA: What are your impressions of ACA?

Alice: I’ve really enjoyed my time here so far.  It’s really good to see a practice that is always trying to improve and makes an effort to look out for the people who work there.

ACA: What have you been doing?

Alice: I have been working on a diagram for a Design & Access statement, providing a visual representation of the text – see below.  This is a care home household model of care illustrating the community living space at the heart of the scheme.


Gap Year Student

I am also learning how to use Revit 3D software.

ACA: What do you hope to learn?

Alice:  I’d like to gain real experience in practice and exposure to clients and real briefs, rather then theoretical ones.

ACA: What are your plans after your time at here?

Alice: I’d like to focus on completing my university studies and then see.

ACA: What are your hobbies and interests?

Alice: I enjoy playing the violin and am currently studying for my grade 8.  Recently I have taken up kickboxing!

Thank you Alice, we hope you enjoy your time with us!

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