Healthcare Design Webinar - Alex Caruso at Beverley HQ

Healthcare Design Webinar Catch Up!

If you missed the Healthcare Design Webinar here is your chance to catch up. Please click on the Youtube video below.

Recently, ACA’s Alex Caruso chaired and co-presented a webinar on behalf of the Design in Mental Health Network (DiMHN).  Namely, the DiMHN is a social enterprise with charitable aims, welcoming anyone interested in the design of mental health facilities.

The webinar, Pandemic Healthcare Design – International Perspectives, looked at lessons learnt from working practices in America, Australia, Italy and the UK as result of Covid-19.  Originally, the webinar took place on Tuesday 9 June 2020 at 10.00.

We hope you find the webinar informative and useful.  Please contact us here on the Beverley office number if you have any projects in mind or require advice regarding covid design.

Also, please let us know your thoughts / questions / queries!

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