Residential Community Home Development Gains Planning Approval!

ACA has gained planning approval for a residential community home development in Fishbourne on behalf of Choice Care Group. The project features high-quality residential care services within a home-like setting for people with complex needs and mental health conditions.

A successful translation of vernacular architecture into a contemporary style makes this project special for the service users, staff and visitors.

The proposed facility, designed in line with the principles of Lifetime Home Standards, will:

Firstly, promote rehabilitation and community integration.

Secondly, be empowering and provide access to a central shared area.

Furthermore, provide ease of access to local shops, bus routes, and employment opportunities etc.

Certainly, contribute to the employment for approx 23 staff.

Above all, the development will provide a therapeutic and efficient complex from which the Choice Care Group can operate.

To read and see more of Fishbourne Home Care Planning project click here.




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