Successful Planning Approval for Care Home

Millennium Care Group has secured successful planning approval from Wigan Council to build a 48-bed care home.  In fact, Langtree Care Home will form part of the new Standish Care Village, in an area of outstanding natural beauty!

Thus, Langtree Care Home will be built on an existing site alongside Worthington Lake and Lakeside Care Homes. Therefore, as residents’ care requirements progress, they will benefit from continuity of care in a familiar setting, with minimal disruption. Indeed, all three homes will provide complete coverage on all care types and stages in a resident’s life.  Hence, nursing, respite, dementia and EMI care will be available within the one location.

The Design Brief – Langtree Care Home

Primarily, the vision is to create an innovative and adaptable model of care in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the specialist EMI Care home is one of the first bespoke designs to address the principles of Dementia and Pandemic Proof Design.  Read more about this here.

The Design Solutions

Therefore, our design accommodates progressive dementia care needs based on small clusters of eight residents.  Importantly, this suits the “homely” feel requirements of a dementia care setting. In the event of another pandemic, it is useful to control access and to group residents with Covid together. In addition, there is a design focus on managing the viral spread, to keep residents and staff safe.

Omair Haider, Managing Director, Millennium Care Group, says:

As a client, we feel very privileged and fortunate to be learning from the vast experience and knowledge of Alex as an architect.  He has a high level of expertise in designing enabling environments for those with cognitive impairments. Also, he has an exceptionally strong understanding in what matters most when designing a built environment for those with dementia.  In short, Alex ensures his designs are at the pinnacle of ensuring positive lived experiences.  They also maximise independence and create environments that are shaped by rich and meaningful engagement.

Alex Caruso, Co-Founder of ACA, says:

Langtree Care Home represented an incredible opportunity for ACA to harness our international research and experience as dementia-friendly designers. As RIBA Client Advisors, we are keen to continue adding value during the design development and construction stages, to create an innovative building, which responds to these challenging times.



A Collaborative Working Relationship

Successful planning approval for this exciting project could not be achieved without a collaborative team approach including Client, design team and clinicians.

Alessandro Caruso Architects design Langtree Care Home for Millennium Care Group

If you have a project in mind or would like to check if your existing building meets the criteria of Dementia and Pandemic Proof Design, please contact us for a free consultation.








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