Wellbeing Tips from the ACA Team

Today, 16th January 2023 is Blue Monday!

What is Blue Monday?

It’s believed to be the most depressing day of the year. While Blue Monday hasn’t been scientifically proven, it can be difficult not to feel anything but blue on this day due to the widespread association with it.

ACA’s Team Members Share Their Wellbeing Tips!

ACA always designs buildings with the users’ mental health in mind.  Yet, we wanted to make sure we didn’t neglect the wellbeing of the ACA team!  So, we recently signed up to the Mindful Employer Charter.   The ACA team is a real melting pot of characters and cultures. So we asked each individual what they do to make themselves feel better and improve their wellbeing and thought we would share their tips…


Wellbeing Tips

Alex likes yoga, meditation and breathing exercises, which he does at least 4 days per week! It helps him maintain a good posture, declutters his mind and exercises his lungs to full capacity whilst reducing any inflammation!


Wellbeing Tips

Amelia tries to do physical exercise every day.  This helps her to become mindful, forget about anything else for the duration and switch off from stress. Amelia feels physically better afterwards and in a positive mindset.  She also likes to eat well, but doesn’t feel guilty if she cheats a bit as so long as she has earnt it!

Another things she does is to combat any negative self talk with a positive comeback.


Paul likes riding his motorcycle (not when it’s icy or raining)!  In fact, he has two bikes, although his favourite is his sports bike! It always puts a smile on his face and he can’t think of anything else while riding!


Kornel tries to keep a routine for physical exercise to combat stress and keep fit.

He also enjoys reading a book outside, such as in a park, where he can simultaneously appreciate nature. Recently, he finished reading “Ikigai”, which talks about the Japanese culture and how they manage their own stress during the busy 21st century.



Sonia enjoys painting! It helps her to destress and takes her mind away as she’s more focus on painting, which also improves her creativity. Sonia noticed that painting helped her boosts memory and sharpen her mind through conceptual visualisation and implementation.


Hazar’s dawn prayer helps her to clear her head and heart, which gives her a good fresh start to the day! She also enjoys cooking and learning different cuisines for relaxation, however not the washing up! That’s her husband job!


When Shinu is feeling low, she usually watches feel-good movies or cooks! For her, good movies refresh her mind and good food refreshes her body! It is mental and physical exercise for her that allows her to let go of any stressful thoughts!

What is your wellbeing tip?

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