Hull Royal Infirmary Main Entrance, Hull

Client: Hull and East Yorkshire NHS Trust

Year: 2015
Status: In Development
Project Type: Feasibility

A Winning Competition Design For Hull Royal Infirmary

ACA produced the winning competition design to improve the entrance at Hull Royal Infirmary, East Yorkshire.

The brief was to create a much more welcoming and positive environment for patients, visitors and staff. The proposal will replace the existing multiple entrances, enhancing and augmenting the lobby/foyer area and integrating the tower block’s aesthetics. The proposal provides a holistic strategy, integrating landscape and interior design that aims to improve the human experience.

The winning competition design concept or ‘Design Generator’, is representative of the caring and friendly hand of the NHS reaching out to welcome patients. Soothing water fountains integrate landscaped areas to dampen the traffic noise in people’s journey towards the New Front Entrance. A wall separating the landscaped areas clad with colourful ceramic rain screen panels will help funnel people towards the new front entrance. A living wall with artistically arranged plants extends from the Design Generator to create a welcoming urban oasis.

The internal space provides welcoming and recognisable spaces where people can relax. The approach to create a therapeutic environment is supported by using familiar and non-institutional materials with cheerful and varied colours that echo the NHS Trust’s brand. Artwork that supports a way-finding strategy is integrated with the scheme. A strong connection to the external design is achieved by providing restorative views of outdoor landscaped areas and using natural light wherever possible.

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