Official Opening of Hospice Wellbeing Centre

June 8th 2022 marked the official opening of the St Barnabas Boston Wellbeing Centre in Lincolnshire!

Official Opening – Guest of Honour

In fact, former Deputy Chief Medical Officer Professor Sir Jonathon Van-Tam, who grew up in Boston, officially opened the centre.

Official Opening

He said:

“Boston is my hometown and this is a very important facility, very much needed by the community.”


“It’s a beacon for the patients where they know they can come and access the services that will help them in difficult and more challenging times of their lives”.

Novak House – Background

In 2019, local philanthropist Stefan Novak, left a generous legacy gift to St Barnabas Hospice.  This helped purchase the building, which is now called Novak House.

So, Novak House replaces an old office, which was not fit for purpose for staff and patients.



Prior to the pandemic, St Barnabas Hospice appointed ACA for architecture, interior and landscape design services.

Novak House – Services

Fundamentally, the transformed building offers patients diagnosed with a life limiting illness, access to wellbeing support.

Official Opening

For instance it provides them, their families and staff a space to relax, socialise and attend appointments.

Moreover, the idea is to help patients live well for longer.

The Finished Design and Feedback

ACA’s design approach brings the outside in, using therapeutic, healing benefits of a local nature theme.

Also in attendance, Helen and Avril, best friends of Stefan Novak said:

“It’s amazing that all of the design details have managed to capture the spirit of Stefan.  Most certainly, he would approve”.

In addition, Chris Wheway, the CEO of St Barnabas Hospice said:

“ACA’s design is not just a building, it is the whole ethos of wellbeing.”

St John Sutcliffe, Director of Finance & Performance said:

“This is our template for future buildings”.

Members of the community commented that:

“The treatment rooms do not look clinical”.


“The garden is perfect in terms of accessibility for wheelchair users.”

Sonia, Alex and Amelia from ACA felt proud to attend the official opening ceremony.

Commenting on the outdoor space which illuminates at night, Alex Caruso said:

“It is fantastic for the Boston community to have a 24 hour, all seasons development”.

He added:

“We love to talk to people and ask for feedback on our designs”.

Also, Sonia Kopacz commented that:

“It is rewarding to see the completed project and how it will benefit the local community.”



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