The Client appointed ACA to help them with a Specsavers extension and refurbishment development.

The brief

Primarily, Specsavers in Hessle require designs for a refurbishment, side and rear extension into the next-door premises.

Importantly, the plan is to achieve a seamless frontage between both units, whilst upgrading the existing building fabric.

Specsavers Extension and refurbishment

Ultimately,  Specsavers require the extra space to:

  • provide more space to grow their community service
  • invest further in the local high street and
  • provide more opportunities for employment in Hessle.

The Design Solution

ACA’s design team reconfigured the floor layouts to maximize the number of treatment rooms and rationalize the number of associated utilities.

The additional spaces created for clinical services and all building users maximizes the overall efficiency of Specsavers.

Furthermore, the seamless façade with clear, visual Signage meets the objective of making the two units into one

Heritage Statement

As the building lies within a conservation area, our designs will prolong the building’s longevity.

Secondly, they will provide extra consulting rooms to create more job opportunities within the village.

“Alex and his team has understood the needs we have required and ACA has delivered the image of the project quickly”.

Specsavers Extension and Refurbishment

Specsavers in Hessle appointed ACA to help them with an extension and refurbishment development.

Client: Specsavers
Date: 2021
Services: Architecture, Principal Designer
Status: In Development
Project Type: Extension and refurbishment
Project Value: £250K

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