Quarry Walk Development – Transforming Lives in Dunstable

It’s been a busy and exciting year for ACA, with plenty to celebrate. Our team has grown, we’ve moved into new offices and have had the privilege of working on many wonderful projects.

Last month, Alex and Kornel attended the launch ceremony of our latest project, Quarry Walk.  This is a £2.5 million development that will provide accommodation for adults with care and support needs.

Quarry Walk – Supported Living Accommodation

Initially in 2021, HB Villages, which specialises in sustainable and inclusive developments, approached ACA. Furthermore, in partnership with Central Bedfordshire Council, HB Villages required an architect that could design two household blocks for residents with physical disabilities and/or complex care and mental health needs. It was the perfect project for Alex and the team at ACA.

A visual of how the Quarry Walk development will look when it welcomes residents in September 2023

So, we focused on four primary design considerations:

  • Inclusivity – to ensure that everyone could access the accommodation regardless of their disability
  • Flexibility – to ensure the accommodation could be used in a variety of ways
  • Standards – to meet all Building Regulation standards for safety, accessibility, and sustainability for now and well into the future
  • Experience – to provide a non-clinical space that would enhance the happiness, well-being, and comfort of its residents

The Launch

Alex and Kornel attended the official launch ceremony at the site of the development. Several other notable people including Dunstable Town’s Mayor, Councillor Liz Jones, attended the event.

Pictured: From left to right; Neil Macrall, Head of Construction at HB Villages, Councillor Eugene Ghent, Executive Member for Housing at Central Bedfordshire Council, Councillor Liz Jones, Mayor of Dunstable Town, and *****

Councillor Jones, who officially declared that the work had started at the site, said it was a “ground-breaking event.” She stressed that the “much-needed” development would “play a vital role in creating an inclusive and welcoming space in the heart” of the community.

ACA’s architectural assistant, Kornel Witkowski, looking proud as punch at Quarry Walk’s official start of work launch

Quarry Walk is due to welcome residents in September 2023. It will include communal areas, staff facilities, private gardens, and assistive technology to help people live independently.

A Magical Moment

For Alex, witnessing the start of work is always a magical moment. In the past, he spent six months confined to a hospital bed in a noisy, clinical environment. In fact, that uncomfortable experience set him on a mission. Therefore, he wants to improve people’s lives through designs that create happier and healthier experiences for everyone. As a result, this passion for delivering healthy buildings that improve well-being is what drives the ACA team, in every project.

At the launch event, Neil said, “We put sustainability at the heart of every development we do.”  In addition, he cited Quarry Walk as HB Villages’ most sustainable development to date. We are honoured to have helped to make that happen.

A Breath of Fresh Air

In his testimonial, Neil MaKrell, Head of Construction at HB Villages, said: “Working with Alex and the ACA team has been a breath of fresh air as they really care about the schemes they design.” He added that the team at ACA “understand the end-user and how the schemes must respond to their needs.”

We are sure the finished development will look magnificent, so we look forward to visiting it next year.

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