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Earlier in 2021, ACA’s Alex Caruso became an accredited RIBA Client Adviser!

In fact, Alex is a specialist in healthcare architecture with over 25 years of industry experience across a range of project sectors.  He is a director of the Design in Mental Health Network (DiMHN) leading the international workstream.  Furthermore, he acts as Dementia Design Champion for several NHS Trusts and organisations.

Hence, Alex can offer strategic advice and guidance to clients at an early stage to assist in maximising the value and quality of their projects.

Alex Caruso is a RIBA Client Adviser            Alessandro Caruso is a RIBA Client Adviser

What is a RIBA Client Adviser?

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) select RIBA Client Advisers based on their expertise and track-record.  Thus, a RIBA Client Adviser is a highly trained, experienced architect or construction professional.

Who needs a RIBA Client Adviser?

For all but the most experienced clients, the strength of their advisers is vital!  Prior to embarking on a construction project, the most important decisions are before the planning and design stages.  Who can help?  RIBA Client Advisers guide clients in commissioning buildings and maximising the quality and value of their projects. Independent to the design team they offer specialist, experienced advice from the earliest stages, to protect the client’s interests. Indeed the role meets the requirement for independent advice in client groups such as the NHS and local authorities.

In particular, a RIBA Client Adviser will work with you to help define and deliver the best long-term solution for your organisation.

What is the role of a RIBA Client Adviser?

The role of Client Adviser includes:

  • advice to decide whether a project should go ahead.
  • assistance to prepare a business case.
  • help with stakeholder consultations.
  • help with the development of the brief.
  • assistance to determine the budget.
  • site assessments.
  • feasibility studies and options appraisals.
  • advice on procurement strategies and tender procedures.
  • advice on whether proposals satisfy corporate objectives.
  • assessing proposals against the brief and budget.
  • assessing proposals in relation to quality, value and risk.

How can ACA help you?

Without a doubt, having a Alex onboard with your project can help bring certainty and minimise risk.  Furthermore, Alex can also help maximise the value of your investment.

Why not get in touch to see how we could help you with a project in mind?



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