Architecture Work Experience

Architecture Work Experience Q&A with Ben Murphy

We just love offering an architecture work experience to young people!

After hosting Harry Archibald in June, Ben Murphy has just spent a week with us!

So, how did it go Ben?

ACA: Where do you study and what year are you in?

Ben: I am in Year 12 studying A Level: Fine Art; Product Development, Biology and Core Maths at Beverley Joint Sixth Form.

ACA: Why did you apply for an architecture work experience at ACA?

Ben: I wanted to learn more about what architecture / interior design entails and the different stages of projects from start to completion.

ACA: What were your first impressions of ACA?

Ben: The office has a nice, open feel and is a comfortable environment.  It is mapped out very well and the space is flexible.  The ACA team is very nice!

ACA: How did you spend your time with us?

Ben: I designed my own house using Revit software, which I haven’t used before.  Kornel taught me how to design the walls and how to adjust the heights amongst other things, then I repeated what he had taught me in my own design.  Houses are normally rectangular, yet I wanted to introduce a diagonal wall and a curved wall to introduce different shapes.

Architecture Work Experience

ACA: Very impressive!  What else did you do?

Ben: I also went on a site visit to a project on site at Specsavers in Hessle.  What interested me was seeing a building not fully constructed and how to resolve construction issues with the builders.


In addition, I attended a tender sign off meeting for a new care home with Paul, Asha, Alex, Hazar, the client and quantity surveyor.

Also, I shadowed Kornel making a 3D video of a care home using Lumion software.  I think this is a great way to show the client what a building will look like before it is built.

ACA: What did you enjoy the most from the architecture work experience?

Ben: I enjoyed it all, but in particular how to use Revit software and learning about the different job roles in an architecture and interior design practice and how they combine to deliver a project.

ACA: What’s next for you?

Ben: I will finish my A Levels and hopefully get the grades I need to go to university to study architecture.

All the best Ben, we hope you enjoyed your time with us and thank you for the biscuits! Alex, Amelia, Paul, Kornel, Sonia, Hazar & Asha



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