Student Work Experience

Student Work Experience Q&A with Harry Archibald

Student Work Experience Q&A

ACA: Where do you study and what year are you in?

Harry: I go to Beverley Grammar School and I am currently in year 10.

ACA: Why did you want a student work experience at Alessandro Caruso Architects?

Harry: I wasn’t entirely sure what what I wanted to do, but as I enjoy Art and using AutoCAD in Design Technology, I thought an experience at ACA would be ideal.

ACA: What were you first impressions at ACA?

Harry:  I really liked the environment, it was a really calm space.

ACA: What did you do?

Harry: The task was to design my own house, where I used my CAD skills to draw the ground and first floors.

Student Work Experience

I then learnt how to add wall colours in Photoshop and floors and furniture in Revit software, which is new to me.

Student Work ExperienceI also went on a site visit with Paul and Hazar to a project on site at Specsavers in Hessle and saw how designs are turned into reality.

ACA: Did you learn anything new here:

Harry:  Yes, how a basic plan develops and comes together with different software.

ACA: What was the best part of your experience with ACA?

Harry:  I really enjoyed designing and and seeing it all come together to a finished product.

ACA:  What’s next for your future?

Harry:  I will be doing my GCSE’s this time next year and then deciding what to do next.  This experience has provided me with a great insight into the works of architecture and interior design.

“It was great to have you with us Harry and best of luck with your future!”

Alex, Amelia, Paul, Kornel, Sonia, Hazar and Asha!

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