Inpatient Unit Design on Site

ACA is excited that construction of our Inpatient Unit design has started on site in Lincoln for St Barnabas Hospice.

Project Background

Following the successful delivery of St Barnabas Hospice Wellbeing Centre, St Barnabas Hospice appointed ACA for an Inpatient Unit (IPU) design.  This includes architecture and interior design services to refurbish and remodel an existing IPU hospice in Lincoln.

Predominantly, the design will improve the durability of the development, its aesthetics and create a domestic, non-clinical feel.

“The ACA design team are able to soften the clinical image through architecture”

Nicky Ingall, Head of Estates and Facilities, St Barnabas Hospice.

Moreover, it will introduce dementia-friendly and accessibility design principles for building users.

Progress on Site

As you can see, construction is now well underway!

Firstly, the waiting area will have new floors and the walls and ceiling will have a natural green colour.

Due to the pandemic, armchairs will replace the existing sofas.  Furthermore, the fabric selection of the new furniture is dementia-friendly contrasting colour and Light Reflection Value (LRV) to the floor.


Secondly, the reception area will become accessible for wheelchair users, with a touch of colour on the staircase panels.  The reception desk will display the St Barnabas logo and the screen will be easily removable.

Thirdly, the conservatory will have bi-folding doors with a small ramp to increase fresh air and allow wheelchair users to exit and enter easily.

Moreover, the new seating arrangement will provide views of the garden and there will be a table arrangement for playing games or watching TV.

              Inpatient Unit Design

Construction of ACA’s latest healthcare design project is expected to take 6 months from start to finish and on schedule for completion in early October.

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