Italian PhD Student Visits ACA

Italian PhD Student, Silvia Mangili, Visits ACA!

We have had an Italian visitor!

Silvia is an Architect and researcher in the field of healthcare design for people with dementia at the Design & Health Lab within Milan Polytechnic. During her brief stay, she managed to squeeze in two site visits and spend time in the office with the team.

We asked Silvia’s her thoughts about her visit.

So, how did it go?

ACA: Why did you want to spend time at ACA?

Silvia: Previously, Alex took part in my research and I was intrigued to see ACA’s projects for real!  As an architect and researcher, my PhD thesis is about long-term care for people with dementia in Italy.  Above all, I wanted understand the building design, build and maintenance process in the UK compared to Italy.

ACA: What were your first impressions of ACA?

Silvia: Well, I was very impressed!  The ACA team is a multi-skilled and very innovation-driven group.

ACA: Which ACA projects have you seen?

Silvia: Firstly, I visited Langtree Care Home in Standish, a new-build, state-of-the-art care home which is currently on site.  I found this particularly relevant and of interest as the design is dementia-friendly.  Secondly, I visited Maister Lodge in Hull, which is an inpatient care service unit for older people with mental health problems.  Particularly, I found the visits helpful for my research. Also, I observed the design process of other current projects in the office.  I even experienced ACA’s designs virtually, with the virtual reality software!

ACA: How has ACA’s work contributed to your research?

Silvia: ACA has already contributed greatly to my research.  Witnessing ACA’s specialist healthcare projects first hand has been invaluable.

ACA: So, what’s next?

Silvia: In conclusion, I hope my involvement with ACA will continue through a collaboration in projects, research, and lectures and I am hoping to return in October!

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